The new Twitter Android app is more intuitive and has Instagram-like photo-editing features


The latest update for Twitter Android app is here. This time the micro blogging pioneer has provided a smooth interface and added a variety of image editing and sharing features in the popular app. This could be a response to Facebook’s acquisition of the first photo sharing social network Instagram last year. The Twitter for Android Version 5.0.11 mobile app was rolled out on the Google Play Store on January 27, 2014.




Matt Belland, Software Engineer with Twitter, announced the latest update through the official Twitter blog, and shed light on the new interface, discovery, and photo editing and cropping, besides other additions. Further, Belland also mentioned that the new updates will soon be available for iPhone users. Informing on the new update, Belland was quoted as saying, “Now you can crop your photos by selecting an aspect, such as square or wide. You can rotate an image before you share it to make sure it fits nicely in your Tweet.”



photo1 photo


The new Twitter for Android app looks and feels wonderful.  The update has made user interface faster and smoother than the previous version, which made many people like me to opt for other Android apps, such as Seismic and HootSuite.

Twitter for Android 5.0.11 has some really handy image filters called Vignette, Warm, Cool, 1963, 1972, Golden Hour, Antique and Black and White, which is something that was first seen on Instagram. There is also a rotate button for pictures, along with a cropping tool through which one could scale a photo in wide and square shapes.

Further, the latest update prompts a user to tag friends when he/she tries to tweet a picture with people in them. Henceforth, from now on you could edit your favorite pictures before tweeting them to your followers and the world.

Apart from the photo sharing, the latest Twitter for Android mobile app provides real-time stories and recommendations. This means that when there are no more new tweets and stories, upon refreshing the mobile app will provide a list of recommendations for popular accounts to follow based on the trending topics as per your location. Further, Twitter will also share tweets regarding latest TV, news, sports and event happenings.