iPhone Social Networking Application Development

Social media has boomed at a fast pace over the last decade, and its reach has penetrated into all forms of strata of the society. With the rise in the number of global mobile users who use the Internet by their mobile devices, mobile apps for social media have become as important as ever. Social networks are being widely used by people across the globe to socialize, interact, inform, communicate, share and carry out business online, and therefore its natural nowadays that we find ourselves spending hours on our iPhones, accessing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn YouTube and countless other social media sites.

Social Media For the iPhone

With iOS becoming the most popular mobile platform, the focus at Moability has shifted to developing high quality iPhone social networking applications to provide you with customizable solutions. Our team at Moability develops smart iPhone social networking applications that give you a rich-in social media experience. For a business, social media can be a great platform to launch a brand or a product into the market. Our brilliant apps can help you reach out to millions of active users, located across continents and belonging to different strata of society, through their home pages.

Our Services

Moability’s mobile app development team has developed thousands of apps for a multitude of business, and each application is designed to suit the purpose it has to serve. You can decide the type of application that suits your need and your brand.

Social Networking Apps

Entertainment Apps

Utilities Apps

Enterprise Application

Client-Server based Apps

Custom native apps

GPS support apps

Photo/Video apps

Instant messaging apps

Utility apps

We make sure that you will explore a whole new world of opportunities and experience with the creative genius of the iPhone social networking application development team at Moability. Our apps make it easy for you to connect to and communicate with your community online. Our mobile development experts provide comprehensive solutions to all social networking needs so that the clients can enjoy an endless access to their favorite social networks anywhere, anytime.

Moabilty’s iPhone social networking applications contain the following features: Real Time Interaction

The social media apps designed by us enhance your user experience as we help you enjoy an interactive session with the use of photos, graphics, videos, games etc.


We build apps that are compatible with your iPhone handsets and offer a user friendly, flawless and smooth experience over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks.


The apps that we create are stable and deliver uninterrupted and exceptional performance.

Seamless functionality

Our apps work like a charm while handling video, audio, image or graphics on website and blogs.

Moability takes your user experience to a new high. Enjoy high-edge, sophisticated and world class applications only with Moability at highly competitive market prices. Get imaginative and resourceful mobile applications for your social media endeavors and connect with your customers by capturing their interest. Besides for iPhone, Moability also develops social media apps for other mobile platforms such as Android and Windows offering the same level of functionality and user experience.