OS 5 is the latest version of the flagship OS of Apple Inc. The gadgets like the iPhone and iPad from the tech giant run on its indigenous OS. OS 5 comes power packed with 200 plus new features.

Latest features like Notification Center, iMessage, Newsstand, Reminders, iCloud, improved Camera features etc. make it one of the most sought after operating systems in the market.

We announce our compatibility with the OS and hence extend our services into developing different apps for the latest iPhone sporting version OS 5.

OS 5 brings with a lot more possibilities and we are waiting to deal with them as the earliest. So if you have the newest version of iPhone OS come to us and we will create anything that you ask us to.

A sneak peak at two of the many compelling features of OS 5:

  • iCloud
    iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service from Apple Inc. that automatically paves way for the storage of music, videos, photos, documents and pushes them wirelessly to all the devices.
  • Newsstand
    This app manages and organizes the users’ newspaper and magazine subscriptions. It creates a virtual newsstand where users can arrange their preferences as they would have done literally.

OS 5 is loaded with features and if you want to get an app created for it get in touch with an idea and we will take care of the rest.