Mobile Application Porting

Everyday a new company is introducing a new portable device in the shape of mobile phone or tablet. Sometimes we lose tab of how many operating systems are out there. Especially, if you are into application development, you have made your application compatible with all leading mobile operating systems. Well, no more…. as Moability is here to do the same for you.

Let’s be clear, no programmer can program the same thing for every mobile OS. Moreover, if you have an old app written for some popular-in-past OS and you want to adjust it for a newer OS which has been launched after your app was launched, the job is difficult if not very difficult. This is where the experts of Moability comes into play. We can help you in transforming any app, originally written for some other OS, for another OS with completely different architecture altogether, also known as mobile application porting.

We can port any existing mobile application to

  • iOS, used in iPhone
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Windows
  • Palm OS
  • Mameo
  • Bada
  • Symbian
  • Linux
  • QT
  • J2ME and others.

As we see introduction of newer OSs everyday, it is important that your application works across all major mobile OSs. The Smartphone market share is getting more and more diversified. It is not anymore sufficient to target users of a particular device or OS. To stay ahead in the competition and to reach out to global users, you need to port your popular app across all major OS.

Our experienced and certified team is ready to own your task and deliver you the ideal solution within stipulated timeframe and lowest cost. We assure you of delivering the ported application without losing any previous feature. So, are you waiting for your competitors to call us and get an edge over you or reserve the edge over them for yourself?