iPhone Weather Application Development

The iPhone, when combined with intelligent apps, can transform into a useful tool that helps in providing detailed weather forecasts to users in real time and environment. Since the iPhone already performs a number of functions to make our daily lives more convenient, its application as a medium to receive weather updates is another one of its extensions.

It always helps in better planning for the day if one is aware of the weather conditions for the entire present day, or about the coming days, well in advance. If you are planning to visit someplace new, knowing the weather conditions can always come handy. This helps you savor the experience of an excursion, outing, long drive or a garden party. It also helps you decide your attire for the event that you have planned to attend without wasting much energy in re-deciding on accounts of an unpredictable weather condition.

iPhone Weather Application Features:

  • Option for selecting cities for weather information
  • Precipitation data up to the last minute
  • Wind Speed, sunrise and sunset information at various locations
  • High and Low temperature graphs, average temperature information for days, weeks and months
  • Maps and videos of weather bulletins local to the area of search
  • Push notifications for alerts and warnings
  • Sharing of weather information on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Detailed information screen which includes date, time, place and weather forecasts.
  • GPS integration for location based searches and information

iPhone Weather Application Development At Moability

The team at Moability is equipped to create a weather app for you to track all day conditions, be it from the past, present or the future. You can easily get all the features that one usually gets on a web based or desktop application, right in your iPhone. You can stay updated with the latest weather predictions at all times as long as you have your iPhone with you.

Our team at Moability has created weather monitoring and information apps for various clients belonging to different fields of work. The kind of app you need may depend on the type of business you run, and the purpose you want to achieve through the app. We can create apps that can both be helpful to the people and in return promote your business as well. Whatever the needs may be, you can call us for getting the best possible solutions in iPhone Weather Application Developments.

The team has created various iPhone apps for clients and in the process has experimented with creativity that has been greatly appreciated by the users. Most importantly the team is known for its unique approach to involve clients at every stage of the development and taking their feedback positively. You app will be delivered to you within the requested time period, and will be tailor made to serve your purpose. You can get apps built for all platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows, and for all popular types of mobile devices.