iPad e-Books Development

iPad due to its portability and convenience is becoming a replacement for many day-to-day tasks that otherwise need a physical presence. It is a prompt and easy substitute for books and e-Book readers. The tablet that runs on iOS 5 is just the right choice for all the book lovers to fit their vast collection into a small piece and read anything, anywhere, anytime.

iPad has been instrumental in the development of iPad e-Book publishing software especially iPad e-Book Apps. In fact, iPad publishing is at the zenith of its success and demand due to an added feature called iBooks (e-Books for iPad) available exclusively to the iPad users.

The team at Moability specializes in creating various apps for e-Book publishing. Some features that the developers work on are flip pages, bookmarking, changing fonts and colors, zoom in/ out or arranging them on virtual bookshelves.
Moability is a fast growing mobile application Development Company that creates customized apps for clients. Based on the specific requirements, we help our clients publish their own books.

The e-Book publishing is one of the most innovative creations that have helped many dreams take the shape of reality. We develop apps that give you the freedom to modify your books in whatever way you have wanted to or can think of.

Avail the service of Moability and be your own publisher. Our team of experts provides you basic and advanced features keeping all the resources and specifications on mind. Contact us for iPad e-Books development.