Android and iPhone app market to set new trends in 2014

Mobile application development has witnessed a relentless spurt inthe growth and innovation versus time charts over the last two years. But what exactly does make this industry click and running with such enthusiasm and widespread participation by software professionals, freelance android and iPhone apps developers worldwide? The answer can be provided objectively. There has been a tremendous growth in smartphone users globally, which has demanded more innovation in iPhone and Android application development. For this purpose, both small and large scale IT firms are focusing on producing an app or a mass idea that is able to conquer the entire market.


There has never been such gruesome competition in the Android apps development industry, and this open source mobile operating system from Google is pegged to remain an industry leader for an indefinite period of time. Android and iPhone apps together contribute to more than 80 per cent of the smartphone application industry. Accordingly, Windows and Blackberry applications have been left with a vast amount of space to cover up in the app industry. Google and Apple have consolidated their place in smartphones market, and likewise will continue to control a big fraction of the app space as well.


Apps have cemented their place in our lives, and one might feel what we could possibly be doing if our favorite apps never existed. Personally, I can’t imagine how I would have survived without my Whatsapp, Truecaller and Duolingo Android apps. So what’s new to expect this year in the application development industry? Let’s cover each area one at a time.


Samsung to part ways with Google!


Totally off topic and still just rumors but imagine the catastrophe! Industry sources have suggested that Samsung might be looking at rolling out its own operating system based devices (smartphones and tablets), in order to get on the same page as Apple and Microsoft. The South Korean powerhouse sees Google as a possible roadblock in its pursuit of big business ambitions. Let’s see if somehow Samsung is able to separate itself with Google’s Android what would happen to the fate of the humongous number of Samsung smartphone users worldwide?


Location based apps


Back to the topic, geographic location based apps will become a trendsetter this year. These applications use GPS technology to provide location based results, be it search for a restaurant or finding where your friends are hanging out. GPS tracking apps have a great future as well and expected to become a rage with photography, adventure and travel aficionados.


Social sharing apps


Facebook has been keeping you hooked online, but their mobile application still needs serious help. This resource and space consuming app has been ridiculed by many Android users. Further, Facebook’s Home launcher for Android smartphones was considered a debacle last year, and the social network giant must be looking to forget this episode as soon as possible. Several new players are expected to emerge with cross-social network sharing feature. It is going to be interesting to see when this happens.


As a serious follower of industry trends, I believe app industry will get more interesting this year. App gaming has evolved to areas that were thought previously to be not existent. Google and Apple have a big role to play, which is to support app developers, since without their help and assistance this industry will struggle to flourish. Hence, it is going to be interesting to see what 2014 has in store for application developers, wherein Android KitKat and iOS 8 are expected to see daylight.