Best Android games you haven’t played, yet

The world of Android gaming is ridiculously full of many action, strategy, memory-puzzle and time-based games, and it is almost certain that there are many gems yet to be discovered. Most of the popular mobile games come from big and well-established app development studios, and will stay popular with their users will keep growing at a constant rate. But what happens of the less popular game developers? Are their apps not up to the mark or inferior as compared to those made by large studios? The answer is both yes and no, besides being very subjective.

I have compiled a list of some of some of the most interesting Android games available on the Google Play Store that you probably haven’t played or even heard of. These apps don’t appear of most downloaded list but are worth your time. Check out these games and support the developers who probably had toiled day and night to provide some honest and real gaming experience.

Quadropus Rampage

First game on my list had to be something that people would kill to pay for! However, Quadropus Rampage, developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans, is available on Google Play Store as a free mobile application. This powerhouse of an action game revolves around an angry quadropus (An octopus with 4 limbs in my opinion) who is exploring depths of the ocean, in its pursuit of a fight with the ‘Sea God Pete.’ This action packed game has several insanely titled characters, weapons and artifacts (Boxing Glove, Bermuda Triangle, Aegis of the Deep, Lucky Coin and Shattered Monocle) that create an entirely different gaming experience and make it really hard to put the phone down.



Naught takes you to different place altogether, a dark underground and mysterious place where gravity changes according to its mood. It reminds a lot about Limbo and seems a worthy mobile substitute for the ever-so popular PC game. Naught is developed by Blue Shadow Games S.L. and I’m dying to play its version 2 that is already available on Google Play. It was available as a paid app when I played it for the first time and now it’s available for free! So join this adventure and believe me, you couldn’t have experienced anything like Naught before!




PUK isn’t just another tongue-in-cheek Android game. It is much more and is available on Google Play as a paid app. This simple point and shoot bubble game is outrageously addictive and could keep you hooked for considerable periods of time. PUK’s best part is its simplicity and time-based gaming environment that keeps the player on edge all the time. The user interface is lucid and you won’t take more than one second to learn this game. In all fairness, it happens to be a personal favorite of mine and has been on my phone for over a year now. Note: Learning curve is pretty steep!

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Find The Word

Find The Word is a word puzzle developed by Magma Mobile. There are many other similar word finder games available in the market, but Magma Mobile has done a far better job than their competition. What works for Find The Word game is its no-fuss clarity in design, and an even more interesting retro look and feel. Do try this brilliant piece of work.