Top 10 Must Have Android Apps in 2015

April is around the corner, and the initial months of the year was busy in launching and updating latest apps for the android devices. The year 2015 is flying by, and it’s been wonderful for mobile apps.

Today, almost everyone has a smart phone, and the app industry is simply growing rapidly.. There are countless apps launched in recent times, which make work and life more fun and easier.

I have come up with the list showing a vast selection of android apps that runs on Android and iOS devices. Best part about all these apps is that they are are free. So, let’s check out which are the best outstanding Android apps for your Smart phone.

1. Audvisor:

You can kill time while waiting for a bus or standing in a grocery line in many ways. Audvisor is an app that helps you utilize precious time. With its range of few minutes audio inspirations from leading business leaders. It is simple to browse and use, and comes with around 1,000 clips, categorized by topics and influential speakers, that will inspire you.


2. Citymaps:

Citymaps is one of the most innovative app introduced on Android platform that allows you to share collaborative maps within your social circle. With Citymaps, you can build lists of restaurants, stores, local sites and your choice of destinations. Creating personal maps as well as sharing them with your friends has never been easier. It helps you to discover new locations as per your community data, past interests, etc. A definite must have!

Citymaps logo3. IFTTT:

If This, Then That (IFTTT) is a free cloud service that connects two or more Internet tools. With IFTTT, you can send sleep data from the Fitbit, HP printers to a Google Drive spreadsheet. In February, IFTTT launched its three new apps namely Do Button, Do Camera and Do Note. Among all these apps, the Do Button app is the most fascinating one.

IFTTT logo

4. Lumific:

Lumific is a photo organization app that is ideal for a graphic designer, photographer or a  person who loves anything to do with graphics and photographs. The app is equipped with Snapfish as well as Dropbox photo printing tool. It organizes all your pictures as well as offers you a wide spectrum of features. It’s an all-in-one photo assistant app that will save you loads of time.

Lumific logo

5. ScreenPop:

ScreenPop app, a new lock-screen-based messaging application that allows you to send photos, doodles, emoji, etc. to the lock screen of a recipient. With this app, the recipients can view photos without having to unlock their phone. Talk about time saving!

Screenpop logo

6. TalkSpace:

Talkspace, is a talk therapy application aims to connect you to a licensed therapist through instant message. It has introduced a latest Couples Therapy feature to provide counselling to couples to resolve their disputes remotely.

Talkspace logo

7. Line:

With Line, a unique messenger app,, you can make free real-time voice and video calls with friends, customers, and clients. This is similar to Whatsapp but the free voice and video call feature makes it stand out in itself.

Line Logo

8. iAnnotate:

iAnnotate is an android app with which you can read, mark up as well as share PDF files. The app allows you to mark files with the pen, typewriter, highlighter, pop-up note, shapes, strikeout and underline tools of iAnnotate.

iannotate logo

9.  Nokia Here:

Nokia’s recently launched app Here is best for both Windows as well as Android phones. The all-new version of HERE is loaded with myriads of features. You can have a 3D view maps of shopping malls, airports, etc.

Nokia Here Logo

10. Oneminute:

Oneminute is an android app that gives you a single opportunity per day to take a photo of your surrounding within 60 seconds. So make sure you catch only the best with Oneminute.

oneminute logo