The Trend-shifts in App Development spectrum, 2015

Every year brings about new trends in the field of mobile technology and advancement. Sometimes the evolution is merely cosmetic and at other times, its more of an overhaul.

2015 promises to be a year full of tren-shifts, especially in the app spectrum. In this article, I’ve taken a close look at some of the major shifts that we can expect. Whether the changes would be a game changer, remains to be seen.












1.Winds of Change in the Developer Frontier

Change is crucial, especially when it comes to the technology domain. But just because there is constant change and progress doesn’t necessarily ensure that people would welcome that change. So it has always been a ball-game when it comes to the development section of mobile and app technologies.

Many Developers can afford and even like taking risks while implementing a game changing design or UI/UX changes whereas many are of the opinion to stick to the tried and tested roads. Although none of the roads are ideologically incorrect, but it has been often noted, that the risk-takers and innovative creators, have managed to reap in more rewards as compared to the orthodox practitioners.

A noteworthy illustration of the point I’m trying to make is the recent launch of Apple’s Swift language app for iOS platform. As per a recent survey, almost 1 in 5 people are already using Swift language.

2. Need for a Stable State-of-the-Art Tool

Although the mobile technology sphere has expanded and evolved over time, but there is still a major void that has been noted. This void is of a tool or an application that supports analytics, reporting and testing features dedicated to particular platforms.

As of now, more than 80%, people use third party softwares, individual or as a combination of all these features. The need for dedicated platform monitoring and reporting tools are on a rise and probably start rolling out soon.

3.E commerce Developers For the Win!

Lets say, you’re playing your favourite game on your favourite Smartphone. Then suddenly you realize you are out of life and you need to pay real money to purchase more lives, or be stuck in tandem. What do you do?

Now, you are using your favourite shopping store app. that is showing you a wide variety of goodies that you are looking to buy or just passing by them until something catches your eye and your subsequent will to buy. What do you do?

Its simple. Most of the casual or consumer centric apps don’t generate a lot in revenue as compared to commerce and business apps. In the same fashion, business tycoons believe in spending on more channels of marketing and sales in order to attract customers.

Therefore, the developers working on business apps tend to receive a larger revenue than that compared to a consumer app developer.  

There are quite a few other factors, that are experiencing a shift such as Internet of Things. But they are not as imminent as of now, and still have quite some time, to roll out.