Top 10 Android launchers to have in your smartphone


Operating System Android has been riding the wave of success from quiet some time now. It seems to have conquered the world of mobile applications, and Android developers are desperately chasing Apple home yard in terms of innovation. At present, there is a great turf war in the Android market between different application launchers. Through this article, we will discuss the top 10 Android-based application launch applications available on the Play Store.

1) Google Now Launcher


Google Now Launcher is one of the most stunning launchers available in the Play Store. It comes as a standard on Nexus devices with Android 4.4 (KitKat). After having it installed in your devices, you can easily get the required right information at the correct time. Voice command will be enabled now, and your search results will appear faster too.


2) Nova Launcher


Nova Launcher is the one-of-a-kind application launcher. It works brilliantly by enabling sufficient features so as to customize things.  You will not have to go through long list of options, and will be blown away by its performance. Merits- user friendly and has a relatively clearer interface.


3) Apex


Apex is somewhat similar to Nova launcher, pretty user friendly and as smooth in performance as Nova. It has a unique special tablet mode, allowing Nexus 7 users to rotate their home screen. If you go for the pro-version then you will also have access to Apex notifier service.


4) Launcher Pro


Launcher Pro is especially designed for users who have not yet come across the benefits of Android 4.0. It has a lot enhanced stock launcher, which allows quicker scrolling as well as customization options.


5) Buzz Launcher


Buzz Launcher has a fixed set of customization options, despite this it comes with an unbeatable benefit. It permits to create a library of various themes and widgets, which you can browse, download or tinker with, according to your needs. You will find many colorful vibrant themes, which not many other launchers offer.


6) Action launcher Pro


Surprise! Surprise! Action launcher Pro has got nearly fifty new and unique features. You can form you own application short-cuts by a simple touch of the finger you can create widgets from applications.


7) ADW Launcher


ADW launcher is perhaps the most incredible Android launcher. It is a flexible one, and lets one change its many shades, be it the Gmail red to the Facebook blue. Basically, with a mere gesture you can open up any desired application. A really handy feature for those users who hate to keep their phones down.


8) Facebook Home


Facebook Home was considered a dud when it was launched initially. However, that is history now. The new launcher has been designed with a sole aim to ensure that you share A to Z moment with you close friends. Now you will be updated about everything that is taking place in you dear friends’ lives. On the home screen of your device, you will be able to see several Facebook status updates, and just like its name- it brings the social network on your fingertips.


9) Next Launcher


Next Launcher has commendable features indeed, and is perhaps the most comprehensive and futuristic looking 3D launcher. You will move to a higher level from the cliché methods to a more updated one. It might eat a big share of your battery but then it is totally worth it, since it’s paid and not free like other launcher apps!


10) Zeam


Zeam is not like any other launcher, its stands out from the rest. Speed is a top concern of most of the users, and Zeam has just the speed you have been looking forward to in your smartphones. The developer teams have laid special emphasis on the visual look and feel, and to be honest, Zeam remains my personal favorite.