Best 6 Mobile App Development Tools To Invent And Explore

Creating a mobile app of your own has become a lot simpler than it was before. Instead of hiring a professional programmer to code a mobile application, you can now design, build and share apps on your own even if you are not versed in program coding. These very simple and fun to use app building tools can be used by beginners and professionals. Through this article we will cover some 6 best mobile app development tools that can become any new programmer’s delight.

1) Mippin App Factory

App Factory is a quick little tool that lets you create an app in less than 5 minutes. Just enter the feed URL or website and it will get content for you through RSS and Atom feeds. Upload your logo and select a color, and you have yourself an HTML5 mobile app within minutes. You can get this tool pack for iOS and Android for $99 a year and for Windows platforms, you will have to pay $999 a year.

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2) App Makr

Available for both iOS and Android platforms, you can use App Makr to create apps without any prior knowledge of coding. It comes with multiple functionalities such as high-resolution photo galleries, analytics and podcasts. You can message to or converse with your users as well, plus it supports both HTML5 and PUSH notifications. You can get this app for free with advertisements or buy a premium account for $79 per month.

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3) GameSalad

Tired of downloading mobile games, or want to create a gaming app of your own? GameSalad helps you to create and publish your own gaming app through its in-built drag-and-drop libraries and interfaces without requiring any coding skill. It is available for Windows 8, iOS, Android and Mac for $299 a year.

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4) Appsme

It is an online app creator that anyone would find very easy to use. Appsme has a number of native apps for Android and iOS which you can use to build your own apps with customized features without requiring technical skills. You get to develop and test your apps first for free and if you want to publish the apps, you will be charged $25 a month.

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5) Bizness Apps

For any small business such as a bar, restaurant, band or a non-profit organization which is looking to build an app of its own, the Bizness Apps tool for app development will provide the right application development environment. It has customizable templates available for all types of businesses, and offers features such as GPS navigation and mobile shopping cart. It is available for $29 per month for mobile websites, and for mobile or native applications, it is available at $59 per month.

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Being the only cloud based app development tool, comes with drag-and-drop supported by JavaScript. You also get API plug-ins for enterprise systems and cloud services, besides the highly useful visual development tools which come with back-end services. You can create 1 project for free per account, but you are charged $15 for 3 projects.

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