Mobile apps eclipse desktops in digital media consumption

Digital media consumption in United States is on the rise as per a new report by Comscore. According to them, “the days of desktop dominance are over”, which is quite baffling this could well be the final detail on surging popularity of mobile devices over the more traditional desktop systems for connecting to the world wide web. The US mobile market is booming with applications, software developments, advanced hardware arrivals and more emphasis on wearables, making it difficult for desktops survive in the present multimedia driven lifestyles.

Mobile devices and apps are preferred by not just the US users but every smartphone or tab owner across the globe. As per the ComScore report, user activity from mobile devices including smartphoens and tablets contributed to an astounding rate of over 60 per cent of the entire digital media consumption spent on the US turf. The burgeoning popularity of mobile apps and has fueled an exponential growth of digital traffic originating from mobile devices. Interestingly mobile apps alone contributed to about 52 per cent of the entire digital media consumption.

At Moability, a lot of our applications are designed for US clients and the US market in mind. This is why the latest study is of great importance to us as numbers speak louder than words. The mobile app development industry is booming and with so much competition in this vertical, our apps need to stand out and make a mark for them, in order to earn users and fuel engagement. It is going to be interesting to see what happens of the mobile app development industry in the next two year or so. IMHO I think two years down the line we will be designing and developing apps only for wearables as smartphone apps will become too mainstream!


                                                       Source : TechCrunch

The most popular mobile app is none other than our beloved social networking network – Facebook. The app accounted for presence in over 52 per cent of the entire US mobile device population. Quite extraordinary, don’t you think?

This is the reason why we find Facebook API in many of the contemporary iPhone and Android mobile apps. People love to share and Twitter and Facebook APIs help in achieving just the same. Further, mobile web and mobile apps together contribute to about 60 per cent of time spent online, as compared to desktop-based systems where digital media consumption stood at a mere 40 per cent. I’m sure this was unexpected.

Techcrunch reports that other interesting findings from the Comscore report include behavioral patterns of US based smartphones and tablet users. 3 out of 10 mobile device users download at least 1 mobile app every 30 days, while the average user figure stands at 3 app downloads every month.

The report also details several interesting figures related to how U.S. app users are interacting with these mobile applications, noting that over one-third today download at least one application per month. The average smartphone user downloads 3 apps per month. Another thing to note was that iPhone users have 40 per cent better incomes than Android users and use more applications. Something to tell our app developers and Android aficionados!