Mobile app marketing drives modern business growth

Smartphones and multimedia devices have become a staple in contemporary lifestyle of a modern digital citizen, and it is expected that by the next year or two, there will be more users accessing internet from their mobiles as compared to traditional desktops or laptops. As per a report by Morgan Stanley, people accessing web from their smartphones, tablets, wearables etc. are most likely to supersede users connected to the world wide web from their desktops. Imagine the possible extent and scope of mobile apps and mobile devices in the current digital world. With the increased dependency on mobile apps in our lives, mobile app development is transitioning into the most vital domains coming under the IT domain.

Mobile communications and social networking concept

Source- Business2Community

More and more mobile marketers are increasingly supporting the idea of cloud based applications and tools that could easily be used by normal people on a daily basis. Further, there are advanced mobility solutions for enterprise-grade client relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that help businesses in lead generation, improve sales and maintain a healthy competitive edge over their rivals. Mobile solutions truly traverse the fabric of modern business solutions and possess the ability to lead the new generation that is hungrier for success and admiration.

Mobile app marketing behind several successful stories

This was inevitable as people are spending more time on their smartphones and tablets nowadays. The traditional marketing channels required change, and that change came with the mobile app revolution. Mobile applications immediately received worldwide reception with everyday people downloading, using and talking about “the latest apps in the market” or “did you check out that app – its trending dude!”

The apps became a regular diet, and smart marketers jumped at the chance to monetize what could generate the biggest advertising revenue since television commercials were introduced. Mobile app marketing has become the most preferred ways and most effective channel for reaching out to people, starting engagements and driving brand awareness and media popularity. People can’t like without their mobiles and tabs, which they carry almost everywhere they go!

Truth be told, mobile marketers may find attracting the right audience for their business a little tough. But the times are changing and the seeds of the future have been sowed. However, social media networking sites could well work in tandem with mobile app marketing strategies for better business results and market success. There are also some ludicrous mobile marketing strategies like pop up notifications, but I’m not sure about their success rate. Further, many custom apps created by small businesses that are send giveaways, coupons directly to their smartphone owning customers. Lately mobile marketing has also seen many interesting studies for customer acquisition models, which is pretty fantastic!