Transferring Data over different Mobile OS to iOS just became Easier

These days mobiles come in across various platforms ranging from Android, iOS,Windows.

You might be using android operating system phone and now thinking how to transfer all the data to your new iPhone which is based on iOS. This often used to create confusion and hindrances to phone uses while choosing their favorite operating systems.

However those days are put behind courtesy Apple, who have made it easy for the users to move all their data from android phone to iPhone. Here is a friendly guide for the same, through which you can easily switch from HTC One, Galaxy S4 or any other operating system based phone in the world without having to loose precious data already existing within your previous phone.

Photos and Videos

Photos & videos are an important part of your memorable journeys and experiences that you have lived and want to often relive through the help of Photographs or even videos. You can now, upload your existing Media files onto cloud services like Flickr, Dropbox and Google Drive. After uploading you can download the nifty download app called Storage Service Mobile on your iPhone. This provides direct access to those files without the need to download them onto your phone.

Apple recommend to use PhotoSync and you will automatically get all the pictures in albums. You can also move photos & videos with the help of your computer. Download Android File Transfer and then go to transfer> DCIM > Camera and drag all the images to your computer.

After moving them in your computer plug your iPhone and through your iTunes, you can select the phone memory and sync your photos and choose the folder where you have stored them in computer from Android Phone.

Phone Contacts and Mails

You might have heard of Microsoft exchange, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and Outlook, now Apple official mail service application support all these mail services. You can link up your account by just entering your details. For backing up your contacts you can use free applications like Copy My Data.

PDF, e-Books and Documents

If you are fond of reading books then you would have used applications like Kindle, Google Play books and Nook. You can access all of them just by installing all these applications to your iPhone and for PDF document you can follow the procedure through your computer. Use the Android File Transfer and then select Transfer> Documents folder and then drag all of them to your computer. Now open your iTunes and select your iPhone and then select the sync book option.


Music Players are the soul of every phone and online streaming services like Spotify and Radio provide sync feature. You can download them from app store and get all your selected music. If you want switch from your android phone then you need to use the Android File Transfer. Once inside you need to go to transfer> music select all the songs you want to move in your PC. Then plug in your iPhone and open iTunes, drag all the songs to the iTunes and then sync your phone library. Voilà, and there you have all your previous data preserved just the way you want it.