Top 3 User Fixes for Android Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop updates have barely started rolling in worldwide and incomes the firs set of troubles for the software. The initial problems that have been reported so far are:
Application not running on a device
Certain applications make the system unstable and laggy.
Now although these issues don’t seem to have a fix as of yet, not atleast from the user side, there are however a few helpful fixes out there for some other issues that have been reportedly encountered. Here are 3 major issues and their fixes so that you don’t literally throw your phone away while the developers rectify the other issues.

1) Wi-Fi Trouble
with the latest Android 5.0 update, Lollipop has caused certain Wi-Fi issues to many users. Some users have suffered unstable internet connections, some can’t get online access at all.

Now there are few ways that seem to have fixed these troubles for most. The are:
a) Long-press of the Wi-Fi network locater button till they find a source and connects automatically if the password has already been fed in.
b) Restarting your Phone.
c) Restoring to Factory Settings.
d) for those who have the option, changing the Wi-Fi channel in Advanced Settings seem to have solved the connectivity issues.

2) Battery Discharge
Google OS based phones seem to be the worst hit in the list of technical difficulties after the Lollipop roll-out. Battery issues are more common than any other, and have been recurring for most users.
The fixes that have been found to be useful for curing the battery life are:
a) Reset the Phone to factory settings.
b) Doing a fresh install of the update.
c) Identifying and uninstalling obsolete apps. that are not compatible with Lollipop
d) Making full use of the Power Usage settings and ensuring no app. is running that drains huge battery life.

3) Video Playback deficiency

A funny issue has been also reported several times wherein Lollipop starts lagging and seems to lose track of its applications and extensions especially related to the video playback. It is unable to figure out and assign the designated video player.

The fix for the same are:
a) Clearing of cache files from the Settings tab.

b) Enabling/Disabling Nu Player from the Developer Options page.

c) Doing a Factory Reset helps clear the temp. files and has been reported to help in video playback.

d) Not running too many apps. at the same time despite optimum configurations as Lollipop has issues related to lagging and crashes.

Other than these fixes you can always try to post your issues on the official website and developer forums for assistance. But, then again, the response time will most often than not, vary as the issues are being reported worldwide and there is only so much a developer can take in at single point of time.