Things to expect in the new Apple iOS 8 operating system

Apple recently pulled the covers off its upcoming iOS 8 mobile operating system at the 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The highly cherished and sought after new version iOS was presented in its Beta and the mobile developers across the globe could only sit back and wonder its smart pinnings and exciting new features. Within three weeks of its official unveiling at the WWDC, Apple rolled out the second Beta version of the iOS, which infers that the final over the air (OTA) roll out to iPhone users could be any day now.

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Apple aficionados all over the world are excited about what the new version will have in store for them and the same enthusiasm is being shared by app developers as well. Mobile app programmers and game testers who were lucky enough to get their hands on the Beta versions are tweaking the new operating system, learning new things and doing some fantastic new stuff. Many of my colleague developers have told me that iOS 8 will bring in new added functionalities, user experience features and Android-esque trimmings, besides an extremely capable graphics engine. Interested in learning about the new Apple iOS 8 operating system? Read more and find out yourself.

Interactive notifications inspired from Android??

Yes, it’s true. iOS finally gets Android like interactive notifications for the first time, which is something that was displayed during its brilliant debut show at the 2014 WWDC. Experts have opined that Apple’s interactive notifications are much more advanced and sophisticated than the ones compared to Android.

iMessage gets an image makeover

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Apple operating system and user experience developers have exemplified the way we used instant messaging in our daily lives. To add to the fantastic audio visual message treat, iOS 8 brings in added support for self destructing messages, which is designed somewhat similar to the popular Snapchat and Blink instant messaging service apps. Further, iOS 8 allows better group conversations as users will now be able to leave a conversation temporarily, turn off chat for as long as they’d like and will be able to share their locations with the group members.

Revolutionary new widgets

We love widgets, don’t we? The new widgets could now be added on the notification pane apart from the home screen, something that again seems to be inspired by Android. Interestingly, the company showed some spectacular examples of its new widgets at the WWDC keynote, including the new eBay mobile shopping experience that was presented by Craig Federighi. Keep your fingers crossed, the Apple widget revolution is coming!

Say “Hello” to customization

iOS 8 is expected to allow third party independent app developers to provide support for input methods, including custom keyboards. Hence, prominent keyboard app developers like SwiftKey and Swype could enter the iOS arena and expand their market sphere. Apple iOS 8 might allow better customization features not just for input methods, but also home screen launchers, widgets, etc. It’s going to be interesting to see what exactly comes in the new iOS package, and I believe iPhone aficionados must be keeping their fingers crossed in excitement.