Security and Confidentiality

Moability is very strict about data and therefore has rigid security and confidentiality measures in place. We are committed to protecting the information of our clients at the time of signing the project.

We are dedicated to serving the clients with utmost sincerity and under no circumstances believe in breaking their trust. Hence a few security procedures that we follow at Moability are:

  • Entry is restricted to only management, staff and special visitors with a valid photo id card.
  • Visitors and employees have restricted access to the company assets and infrastructure.
  • We have a 24X7 video surveillance monitoring all activities at the premises.
  • Staff has access to authorized servers, networks and workstations controlled through individual passwords.
  • Detailed access to important project files is very limited.

  • Every incoming and outgoing email goes under the anti-virus scanner.
  • We maintain backup for all the data and files.

As a part of our endeavor to work under a risk-free environment we often conduct mock drills to inform, educate and test the staff’s capability to protect the data from prospective online threats. We also educate them on the importance of maintaining work secrets and sharing no details of work related data with friends and family for the peril of landing at the hands of unwanted and rival sources.