Moability strictly adheres to quality and we assure you of multiple level quality inspection before we hand over any solution or product to our clients. The inspection is done by dedicated staffs who have education and experience of software quality management. The ISO: 9001:2008 certificate is a proof of our adherence to and execution of internal quality policies we adopted since inception and we take pride in stating that it is non-negotiable.

Some of the policies we follow at Moability are

SLC: Software Life Cycle planning is where we start putting stress on quality. No matter whether we are following Waterfall, Prototype model, Incremental or Iterative method to develop the solution, we ensure quality inspection at every junction.

ALPHA TEST: The very nascent software undergoes several strict software testing to remove bugs in the early stages which can cripple the software later and may get very difficult for the programmers to find out.

BETA TEST: When The Software or app is near completion, we run Beta test to ensure there has been no bug in the programming. Also this test extensively checks every feature of the software and how well they are working in tandem with each other.

PHASED DISTRIBUTION: We internally release parts of the same software to different in-house beta testers and each part is given to each testing group so if one error gets omitted by one group there is a high possibility that the other group will catch it.

Our projects managers handle one exclusive project at one time, maximizing their total concentration and attention on your project which helps us and you both to deliver and receive superior quality irrespective of size of the project.