Blog claims new “Industry Standard” mobile app advertising technology has embarked on a new mission, deploying its technical resources to the exciting world of mobile advertising. Those who are unfamiliar with, it is a startup that offers means by which iOS applications can be easily run on browsers for testing. The emerging firm has launched a new mobile ad product, which allows developers to create ad version of their own mobile applications.


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Users of the app can play or use the app’s ad version for a limited time period, before they can download or purchase the complete native application as per their liking. The idea is pragmatic and offers a logical solution through which mobile app advertising can evolve, of which will be a front runner. Moving on from its app testing product lineage,’s Mobile Ads present the perfect platform to the firm to stretch its legs in the mobile advertising world., previously referred under the moniker of Kickfolio, is backed and supported with over million in seed funding. As per a report by TechCrunch, the company was developing its technology over the last one and a half years, and now after the launch of new product, it would be interesting to see if its able to repeat the same success story again or not. At present, over 15k developers across the globe are actively using the HTML5 based’s desktop browser tool.

It has emerged that the company’s clientele include Fortune 500 companies, and this revelation came from nobody other than’s current Business Development Head, David Truong. Developers have witnessed over 2 million interactive demo sessions using the desktop browser tool. The numbers are good enough for a company that was started only 18 months ago.

Speaking his mind on the new development and its commercial implementation, David Truong was quoted as saying, “The cost is very similar to video ads – cost per completed demo. We’re essentially creating the industry standard, so are still experimenting with ad unit costs. We’ve had a lot of interest to charge CPI (cost per install), but based on the high quality of the users (lifetime value).”

He further added, “Due to our infrastructure and economics, we’re able to cost our ads at a very similar – and sometimes the same – as current ad offerings like video or standard CPI campaigns. A good industry standard CPI cost for high quality users could be between $2-$3 per install.”


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Prior to the official public release of its Mobile Ads, the company shared the newly launched technology with its past customers for testing purposes. So far has witnessed over two hundred thousand impressions of its interactive ad units. Tech Crunch reports that the company saw conversion rates being as high as three to five times higher than traditional ad units, comprising rich media and video ads in applications.

Interested developers can test the new technology for themselves by submitting their app simulator to, and optimize mobile ad experience their own way. This will be followed by a vetting and approval process by the company, before ultimately being run on its partner ad networks. Developers who intend to use this “industry standard” mobile ad technology are invited by the company to take a trial.