Android might soon overtake iOS over mobile web traffic share

Web traffic is one area where Apple’s iOS enjoyed an upper hand over Android, but that is going to be changed now, according to a recent study. Net Applications has found that there could be change of story between the two leading mobile operating systems. Android could overtake iOS in terms of overall web traffic originating from those devices. The amount of web traffic originating from the two operating systems reflects the behavior of their respective user bases, which are more active online, what they are using to connect 3G or Edge or Wifi, and other things of similar nature. 


Till date, Apple’s iOS remains the top mobile operating system from which the most web traffic originates across the globe. As per a study released by Net Applications, Apple’s iOS saw its global market share over mobile web traffic standing at 45.61 per cent during 2014 June. On the other hand, Android’s share in mobile web traffic during the same month stood at 43.75 per cent, which means that droid owners are increasingly slashing the differential here. If that’s interesting then the April numbers seem a lot strange. Read on.


Image source – BGR

Reportedly, Apple iPhone owners contributed more than 13 per cent mobile web traffic over what Android users did just two months ago in April 2014. The 13 per cent advantage has now been cut down to mere 1.86 per cent in less than a quarter, which is quite surprising and feels forced. The Android-iOS war is slated to become more aggressive this year, where Apple would love to reclaim its lost share of users shifting to the Android family. The iOS version 8 has been unveiled and should see its commercial launch within the next month.

Top industry experts have opined that it will be interesting to note just when and how Android overtakes iOS in terms of overall mobile web traffic they contribute. Droid users have increased in numbers and seem on track to displace iOS’ Safari disciples as the leading source of mobile web traffic. The gap has been closed significantly and I personally hope that iOS 8 kicks off the proceedings in style. I know a lot of people who are eagerly anticipating its commercial release, just like me!