5 Apps that will rule the Market in 2015

One prediction made by most SEO analysts is that mobile applications are going to take the world by storm. Companies and brands these days are investing in development of mobile applications as they are proving to be quiet popular amongst the next generation Android users. Almost all the brands that we see have their own mobile applications. Mobile technology has enabled businesses to widen their audience. If we look at it from a non business point of view, it is a service, in my opinion, to be fast, easy to use and easy on the pocket as well.

With a little browsing from your mobile phone, you can now literally purchase anything, be it goods or services, from the Internet sitting at your home or office or anywhere else. Also, Staying in contact has never been easier. Recent times have shown us increasing popularity in Social platform applications such as Facebook Messenger, BBM etc.

I have listed out a select few, out of the vast variety that I have encountered, which I feel are going to be really popular in 2015.

 1. Outlook – This is a wonderful application that I find to be pretty useful. Where usually I would just check my mail on my mobile phone, and leave the rest of the work where attachments are involved for my computer(whenever I reached it!), I can now manage my mail on the go. The advanced application helps me organize my email, calender dates, contacts and files from my smart phone. I don’t have to wait to get to my computer. This is a free application and quiet honestly, it’s a good deal. It surfaces my important messages from various platforms in one place, and is quiet simple to use as well.


2. Whatsapp – Another messaging service that has shown promise and is set to build up even more in 2015 is Whatsapp. It’s a cross platform social messaging application which enables one to send and receive messages, images, videos, voice memos etc. by using the same Internet connection which you use for your mail and browsing. It is free for use in the first year, after which you have to pay a nominal fee of $0.99 per year, which I find is pretty reasonable considering all that I can do to stay connected withthe people I know.

wats3. Amazon Mp3 – Yet another wonderful application my Amazon, this application enables you to download and listen to your favorite music from the Internet. There are over 20 million songs to choose from, both free and paid. You can purchase the latest albums by your favorite artists from your mobile, and listen to it whilst offline. This application allows you to play music stored on your phone, stream music directly from the cloud, or simply purchase or download the song so that you do not have to stream again and again.


4. Kindle – This is an application that avid readers like myself will simply love. You can download the application for free using the web and start downloading your favorite eBooks. What’s more is that you can even search and explore new eBooks by using a free preview feature. This feature allows you to download the first chapter of any eBook and help you decide if you want to continue reading it or not. This application also enables you to continue reading your eBook from any device, just by using a login Id and password.


5. Netflix – This application is simply, wow! Often I have to travel long distances and this application is the reason I endure. Users can browse through thousands of movies available on Netflix, and can stream and watch while on the go. Many movies are available for free as well, but to access popular movies one has to have a subscription. This is generally some $8 a month. I find it to be worth it, considering the fact that most of the block busters are available right here on my mobile.

There are a lot many other equally brilliant applications out there which are amazing to use, but these are my personal favorites which I think are going to be extremely popular this year.