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From 2013 onwards, leading search engines like Google anticipated that the number of searches from hand-held or mobile devices like smartphones, iPhone or tablets may exceed those from PCs. This would mean that more and more companies should start strategizing and thinking about m-commerce through which they can engage with potential clients and customers. Ecommerce iPhone apps hold the answer to providing a platform for the heavy engagement and enabling sales through Apple devices. For customers who are based remotely it is only through an iPhone eCommerce app would they be able to place an order through their mobile device and promote sales.

Convert E-commerce To M-commerce

With the growing popularity of iPhones, having an iPhone eCommerce app is even more important and this is why we propose to create ecommerce apps that can work seamlessly on any iPhone model. Such apps can be fully integrated with any eCommerce portal and offer you the sheer resiliency to be in control of your e-business website.

Research reveals that a simple optimized eCommerce website is not enough to promote sales and visibility. You really need an app that can work effectively on an Android or iOS based phone and allows you to update your e-business portal whenever and wherever you want. We offer complete e-commerce iPhone apps that work effectively yet utilize minimum hardware resources of the hand-held device.


Support for devices running on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

Extensive product listing and search capability.

Review and rating from clients.

Bar-code scanner.

Payment gateway integration.

Data customization and modification.

Lets you modify app content at any time.

Why m-Commerce?

Provide your customers all of your products on their mobile screens, and let them shop when they are at work, on a travel or having coffee at shop. Bring an optimized online shopping experience right to them, where they have a mobile app dedicated only for m-commerce.

Having a separate m-commerce app will mean that you can target more clients on two fronts simultaneously, instead of just one. Integrate your mobile e-commerce app with social media for much improved shopping experience for your customers, where they can instantly share, with the world, news about their recent purchase. This will in-turn increase your brand’s visibility on the social media platform and get you more clients, meaning more profit for your business.

Increase in the sales of iPhones and other mobile devices has opened up a new market where customers can access shopping portals 24X7, and thus a mobile e-commerce app is the need of the hour.

Moability For m-Commerce

In addition to B2C apps, we also have expertise in creating B2B m-commerce apps as well. Our professionals can come up with apps that are flexible and easy to use, absolutely stable and risk free. With our expertise in the arena of eCommerec iPhone apps, you can be in complete control of your online marketing campaigns and are sure to reach out to a larger audience in a more effective way. To know more about what we can offer contact us today!