ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus: Must-have For Your Android

We will hate if anyone just sniffs our data and walks away with it. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus is the latest offering from the company to keep away the cyber criminals who are targeting the smartphones. We reviewed this as we are also into app creation and here is what we found out.

If you used the previous versions of this app, there is one thing which you will notice. This new version is far more easy for the eyes. We agree that design is not that much important for this type of apps but the new icons and panels have been replaced and redecorated so the whole thing looks much more pleasant to eyes now. In fact, this new look gives you a feeling of trust.

Look gone, you must be wondering what are the features it offers. The best feature of this app is certainly the anti-phishing feature. It integrates the common mobile web browsers to and keep your username, passwords and banking information safe when you shop from your mobile device. There are also the antivirus and SMS & call filtering features but all of these features run in the background, silently. After you download and install the software, you just need to turn on the features you want just once and they will always run in the background.

The virus scanner is much more improved in this version as well. We scanned a Sony Xperia Z with lots of applications installed and it took only 17 seconds to scan it completely. That is superfast considering how many applications is loaded in that device. You can call for on-demand scan whenever you want or need, can schedule it for weekly run or daily basis without interfering the normal operation.

The Anti-theft feature has been improved to its past excellence as well. In case of a theft, you can easily lock and erase your data remotely. In case we lose it somewhere or it gets stolen, at least you sensitive data will not become public. The overall packaging of this app and all its features is very impressive. Although there are some features which are unlocked only if you buy the premium version, the features of the free versions can also provide basic but very efficient protection from any kind of threat.

Our Verdict

ESET surpassed its previous standard with its latest Mobile Security & Antivirus app for Android devices. We strongly recommend it to keep all your data, especially financial data, safe from hackers.