Mobile application testing firm Perfecto Mobile raises $20 million in capital funding

 Perfecto Mobile, a mobile application testing and monitoring company, has raised $20 million to compound its four years of triple digit growth. The company has witnessed profound growth over the past few years, now seems all set to expand and explore new domains with its newly raised funding in growth equity. It has been reported that Perfecto Mobile’s investors behind the whopping $20 million round is a new player – FTV Capital, which led the team of several past investors including Carmel, Vertex and Globespan Capital Partners.

Mobile Computing inspiring overall industry growth

Mobile applications are rage at the moment. From startups, small- and medium-sized enterprises to big conglomerates, mobility technologies serve everybody, which is why it has become the fastest emerging technology driven industry lately. Perfecto Mobile has created a platform that helps enterprise-level application developers and testers in testing their mobile apps on all devices, regardless of their platform or operating system – all from one single station. This is what drove their success in mobility solutions as their product could cut the testing process to days, a sharp contrast from the traditional process which took weeks to complete.


As per a report by Venture Beat Perfecto Mobile’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Eran Yaniv is quite buoyant of the new $20 million round the fact that his firm can facilitate acceleration of an app development life cycle. Yaniv has opined that Perfecto Mobile would be utilizing its latest infusion of equity capital for expanding its service portfolio, more importantly developing tools for developers associated with application security testing. On the company’s main product appeal, Yaniv was quoted as saying, “What testers and Q&A engineers typically do [with Perfecto] is create a suite of regression tests that are executed at every drop, every build, every milestone of the development life cycle.”

Further, the mobile testing and monitoring firm will work on extending its geographical reach for engaging new clientele, which sits at a respectable number of over 1,200 based mostly in USA, Canada and Europe. With the newly found capital firepower, Perfecto Mobile will target the emerging mobile application development markets of Asia, Australia and Latin America. Interestingly, the next big leap for Perfecto could be with tech and software giant Microsoft, according to Yaniv, who characterized this upcoming joint development progress on “far beyond the discussion phase.”

Mobile computing and testing services are increasingly getting more interest from some of the biggest names in the technology sector. Microsoft partnering with Perfecto Mobile could just be a stepping stone to many upcoming similar alliances. As per Forbes, Melina-Carol Ballo, analyst with IDC, shares an interesting view, “The need for a mobile app quality strategy is imperative because enterprises’ reputations today are closely tied and, in most cases, highly dependent on strong mobile apps. The need is creating a fast-growing market seeking a solution that directly addresses the quality of mobile apps.”

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