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Welcome to Moability, your dream company for mobile application development.

As a mobile application development company, we have all the needed manpower as well as infrustructure to efficiently deliver your mobile application based needs.

The dedicated mobile apps development team is focused to produce results that are simple to use yet bring business to the clients. Moability follows a pure, organic and ethical road to develop world class web presence and mobile apps for its clientele that comprises big names from various industries.

Importance of Mobile Application Development

There are lots of points why one should go for mobile application developments.

  • Smartphones are going to take over PC/Laptop industry by 2014. It is already covering a huge percentage of the market.
  • Smartphones are fast becoming preferred device for online purchase.
  • Smartphone is a device which we carry wherever you go. Thus you are never out of touch with your clients.
  • Smartphones are becoming more powerful than PC. While there is a octa-core smartphone coming soon, no such news for the PC industry.

Mobile Application Development For Different OS/Device

Android: The biggest smartphone OS, released from Google. We are working on Android app development for years now and are associated with over 60 Android mobile application development.Started from Cupcake, we have worked with all the Android versions like Doughnut, Eclair, Froyo, GingerBread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and also the forthcoming Keylime Pie.

iPhone: World's most loved operating system for handheld devices. Apple is still bigger than any company selling smartphones. We have ample experience in developing iOS based apps which perform optimally on all Apple handsets.

iPad: The handheld computer which changed the computing scenario. We have developed multiple apps for this iOS based tablet which are one of the highest downloaded iPad application ever.

BlackBerry: World's first ever smartphone and still one of the most popular smartphones. We always have been a forerunner in this particular segment and with new Blackberry Z10, we are again one of the few companies offering Mobile application development services for Blackberry devices.

Windows Phone: A market where we are working since our inception. With recent resurgence of Windows 7 and Windows 8 based phones, especially Nokia Lumia series, we are already to carry on our legacy.

Symbian/Java/J2ME: The oldest surviving and still hugely popular operating system. Our skilled developers have developed hundreds of mobile applications for these operating system.

Different Platforms for Mobile Application Development

Android SDK: The official and most popular Android application development platform. Coming from Google, this one has debugger, pre-installed C libraries, sample codes for easy re-usability, QEMU based handset emulator to check the app in emulated handsets. Our coders are most proficient in using this tool and develop killer Android apps.

Apple SDK: We are using this since first Apple iPhone came to existence. Our years of experience in this tool makes us one of the best in the industry in iOS mobile application development.

Titanium: Open source, cross platform tool to develop cutting edge phone apps for all the popular mobile OS. Our dedicated Titanium developers will make amazingly captivating apps for each and every mobile platform.

PhoneGap: Open source framework enabling enterprise level application development using Adobe PhoneGap. The tool comes with its own emulation tool. Our experience in this tool makes us unbeatable in the industry. We are expert user of this PhoneGap tool which allows us to code once and make it work on many mobiles using the emulator tool.

HTML5: The future of web and mobile application development. We are one of the few mobile application developer companies which has this expertise. Not only we can develop the futuristic mobile applications but can also make them run using minimal resources. 

Moability offers complete mobile application development services to its clients all over the world. We are ranked India's best mobile application development company for years now. Our aim is to deliver the most innovative, cutting edge and resource friendly devices which are aesthetically pleasant, performs superbly and also presents excellent user interface.

We are proud of our developers who are really best in the industry. Armed with proper education, ample experience and exposed to global practices, we are here to take your mobile application development experience to the next level.

  • iPhone / iPad App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Blackberry App Development
  • Windows Mobile App Development
  • Symbian App Development
  • Web OS App Development
Our Work
  • Minx: E-Commerce App

    Minx: E-Commerce App is designed by our professionals for all the Minx users to access the eCommerce website anytime on their iPhones.

  • Tot 3G

    Tot 3G, a mobile application, is developed by our developer to increase mobile broadband services up to 42 Mbps.

  • Storeometer

    Storeometer, a mobile application, is made by our expert that allow users to write ideas, sample, characters, general and conceptual notes from thesis and literary projects.

  • ProNutrex

    ProNutrex, is a mobile app designed for all the ProNutrex users to access their preferred website on their iPhones anytime, anywhere.

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